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Darkotic trading

Is this normal competitive trade?

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Darkotic trading

Hi guys


New to bob

Starting to get the hang of things

Just want to know how competitive are the sellers on bob? To what lengths would people go to get more bids or sales on their items instead of yours? Are there any rules or regulations that sellers have to abide by?


I have had another seller posting questions on my products, silly rhetorical questions, when they themselves sell the same item.

Is this part of the norm of bob?


Should I just sit and delete all other sellers questions and carry on?


Wouldn't want to be walked over just coz I am new to bob.


Any thoughts or advice?

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Vinyl Lady Decals

Hi Darkotic


Welcome to the forum, visit here often and you will learn a lot, most of us are very willing to help others.


Some sellers are very competitive, and could be trying to put you off. If you have done your homework and know your product well, make sure you have all the relevant details on your listings, then you have nothing to worry about.


It has happened to me in the past that someone was trying to harass me through the Q&A and i eventually had to get management to step in to stop the harassment, but this doesn't happen often.


If you feel that the other seller is being petty, just delete the questions without answering, no-one will be able to see the questions unless you answer or the person asks a question.


I wish you luck in your trading.

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I shouldn't think abusive behavior from other sellers is acceptable, bid or buy is an open trading system for all and nobody should treat you worse off for a little bit of competition, i would suggest to report it to community watch and see what they say.

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