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paintball fusion

Remove unfair rating

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paintball fusion

Hi guys


New to bob

Loaded a new paintball marker few months back and sold it about two months ago.


The buyer paid, I sent off next day. He then lets me know the gun is cracked so I told him to keep the gun I will send a new shell, thus he does not have to send the gun back, saving him money. He replies he already sent it back.


We receive it back but it's not the same gun we sent, we sent a red gun, he sent back a black gun... Lol go figure...

The serial no.s on the gun sent back and the packaging he has is also different, even the description on the item specified red gun. The package that the buyer bought is not even available in black anywhere in the world.


Eventually he stopped replying to emails and we still have his gun


But anyway after lots of arguing back and forth insisting we sent a broken item. And gave us a negative rating. We now starting to sell more product on bob and only have this one negative rating which just bugs me as its not a fair rating.


Can this be removed?

Or must we just carry on and ignore it?

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