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Beware of the liars from LOTS_MORE

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The following email summarises my recent dealings with seller LOTS_MORE:


I have decided to look at the entire process in an unemotional way and decide whether my negative rating and comment is justified.


1) Order placed and paid for on 7th April 2013.

2) On 8th April 2013, you asked me to confirm that I had placed the order for the correct region, and offered to source the item relevant to my regional requirements.

3) On 10th April 2013, you confirmed via email that you had sourced the correct item internationally. Your email indicates that “it usually takes between 6-15 working days to receive the order.” Projected forward, this would mean that you should have been receiving my order between 17th and 30th April 2013. In the same email, you indicate that “the entire process from your date of payment varies between 8-19 working days.” Some latitude must be given here due to the fact that I had ordered an item which does not correspond with my region, so let’s project these dates forward from the 10th April 2013, the date on which you confirmed that you had sourced the correct item for me. This would means that I should have been receiving the item between 19th April 2013 and 6th May 2013.

4) I was advised on 30th April 2013 that the item was en route to you from your supplier. This was rather surprising given the fact that this was also the latest date that you would have, under normal circumstances, received that order, based on your own estimation. In the same email I was advised that “if SA customs decide to do some random closer inspection, this can slow things down a bit.

5) After making enquiries relating to the current situation regarding my order on or about the 19th May 2013, approximately 2 weeks after I should have received it, I was advised that “unfortunately SA customs have held back your order’s consignment so it is taking a while longer to clear.” How co-incidental and convenient!


In conclusion….is my rating and comment justified? ABSOLUTELY!!!!


Since you have found it necessary to be retaliatory in this regard by posting a neutral rating for me, AFTER I HAVE JUSTIFIABLY BRANDED YOU AS LIARS, and based on your correspondence received this morning wherein you have made it clear that you have no intention of changing your rating, this email will be posted on the Community Forum so that future customers are suitably informed of the way in which you conduct your business.


Kind regards,

Dave Muir

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