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Or maybe I should rename my question to "Forum for Funnies" since I'm in IT (sort of, let's say technology with a fine art twist), but jeez did I almost head butt my monitor looking for a way to post a thread on this Bid or Buy forum. Here's why...


I'm already logged in. Didn't see the forum bar with the new / extra login option until about 5 minutes ago (yes I'm impatient), after having considered re-registering since the READ FAQ and REGISTER options seem to have thwarted my dire efforts to point me to the place where I have to log in...




WTF! I have to log in after I've already logged in? Come on folks, If I'm logged in, bought stuff and selling stuff I should be automatically part of the forum, why do I have to log in again? AGAIN? Seriously? I'm saying it again, is the word AGAIN getting on your **** yet? Good!


Back in my day I understood machine code and hex code (not the HTML version people think of today) for crying out loud (it was like a second language, and yes, I still got laid before I was 18 thanks to Bauhaus during my "nobody understands me phase" as a teen), and wrote programs (mostly games) in Cobalt, C+ and then Java, until I found out I wanted to be a rock star and failed after my first live Jimmy Hendrix impersonation (being a white guy was a give away during apartheid I guess, plus the lack of soul considering Stevie Ray Vaughan became my new hero later, but luckily it was in Belville and nobody knew who Jimmy was yet, but still, I lied, the standing ovation wasn't worth the guilt...).


If anyone saw that movie, "War Games" you probably knew me on the Bulletin Board Service (I can't say BBS because someone might ask me for my BBM code which I don't have, because I'm all Android M'Fckeeeeer) which was around the time you paid premium for a Hayes Smartmodem to talk to other people around the world just a little bit faster than it took to post them a letter.


Nobody is perfect, and everyone deserves a second chance, but nobody should have to log in twice.




Seriously admin/s, Either gooi a big flashing neon GIF that says "REGISTERED USERS LOGIN AGAIN" or maybe just "LOGIN AGAIN! YES AGAIN!" or for us old school hacks "HERE DUMMIE ->"


I owned a Vic20 Commodore for crying out loud, I shouldn't have to log in twice.

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