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Is there anyone from Lesotho?

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I'm searching a way to send small international parcels from Maseru, Lesotho internationally by post.

I believe there should be a way to send small parcels of 100-200 grams (with crafts and jewelry of different kind) for the reasonable price, at least this experience we had with post of any other country we worked with, but here there is currently trouble we are trying to resolve.

The problem is following - the post office of Maseru gives the rates which are out of sence, like R150 for 100 grams or R300 for 200 grams for shipping to USA. As I understand they search the price within wrong category (big parcels) or may be something else, I dont know what, but how exactly to tell them "I dont want to send it with this category, but I want to send it with .... ".

The best what I can espect to get - the post rates for different weight ranges, lets say for USA (0-100 grams cost this, 100-250 grams cost this, 250-500 grams cost this, 500-1000 grams cost this, 1000-1500 grams cost this, 1500-2000 grams cost this), where most important part 100 grams should cost reasonable price, like R50. May be shipment of any small item to me (not just paper letter) that weight like 60-90 grams with scan of recept from post.

They are not letters, but small parcels, rather like thick envelopments with lets say some pairs of earrings or some doll, etc.

May be someone had experience with Lesotho Post regarding the issue? I will pay for the exact info that will work for here.

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