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Pattern Proof Coins value ?

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Hi I just bought a 1937 Pattern Proof 5 Shilling looks like bronze/copper and have seen similair on BOB . Cannot seem to find it in Herns book and by the judgement of the estimates there of proof and patterns I got the bargain of the decade . Could someone please give me some advice on the 1937 5 Shilling bronze/copper Pattern coin ? Mintage ? Estimate value ?

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If this is the issue I believe it to be, you did not buy a real coin at all but a fantasy piece. By these, the issues with the portrait of King Edward VIII. It is listed in Krause but not Hern.


Why Krause listed it, I do not know. It is a fantasy piece because it was not actually struck by or authorized by any mint nor was it actually made in 1937 but at a later date. These are sold occasionally on Ebay and in foreign public auctions in both the UK and Australia at the least.


You did not say whether it is attributed to South Africa or elsewhere, as there are examples of these "coins" for many countries in the British Commonwealth. I believe the mintages are in the range of a few hundred to 500, depending upon the metal and the country it is associated with.


Even if it was a real pattern, those mintages ARE NOT low. To provide some perspective, the United States Judd reference rarity scale uses a numerical range from one to eight. An issue with a mintage of 500 is a high rarity 2 or R-2. Most US patterns are probably an R-4 or an R-5.


The numbers associated with the Judd scale are as follows:


R-1 = over 1250

R-2 = 500 to 1250

R-3 = 201 to 499

R-4 = 76 to 200

R-5 = 31 to 75

R-6 = 13 to 30

R-7 = 4 to 12

R-8 = unique to 3


These pieces are more common than any pattern listed in Hern, except maybe for a few of the more recent RSA. But even if they were not, I would not make a direct comparison because collectors do not view them the same way. The main thing I can say that these issues have going for them is that 1) It is listed in Krause which matters to US collectors though not necessarily those in South Africa and 2) It is crown sized. I owned a South Africa bronze NGC PR-67 RD UCAM which I sold back in 2009 or thereabouts for slightly less than $100 USD. I believe this is about the same as the current value with the silver maybe twice or three times this price.

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The coins you refer to are probably the so called fantasy coins minted for a Pattern Auction of Spinks in July 2001.I sold a nice set of three different materials for R1450 about 3 years ago.Total mintage reported as 550.


See more info here:Silver Coins - Rare Complete set of three 1937 Edward VIII pattern crowns.R1 Start.NO RESERVE was sold for R1,450.00 on 4 Mar at 21:16 by jicol in Greyton (ID:32856946)



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