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Thai Hilltribe Silver, New Consignment!

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Hi Fellow-crafters


I have just received a new consignment of Thai Hill Tribe Silver - lovely seahorses, dragonflies I never listed previously included. The Thematic Beads remain gorgeous - please google for prices elsewhere and then compare mine, I guarantee you you will be hard-pressed to find it cheaper.


There are quite a few websites with gorgeous ideas for using the silver in mixed medium - googling will turn up a few. I also have a bit of the last consignment left on which I will be offering specials - so if you are interested, please watch out for the listings in the crafting categories - mostly under findings and natural beads -


Thai Silver is naturally mined (technology is almost null amongst the Karen Tribes in Thailand); it is naturally smelted and "sheeted" and then handmade by the Tribe. Each family specialises in certain designs, each piece is individually handcrafted - piece by piece - google the "Karen-hill tribes and you can view pictures of the people wearing their own silver creations. The strangest thing is that although each person possesses silver, the tribe is impoverished, so by buying their silver you are helping to enrich their lives and providing their youth with much needed employment - thereby keeping this ancient skill alive and thriving.






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