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Possible New Catagories?

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I have seen in the past how other forum threads have mentioned the influx of "Stuff" on the Crazy Auctions...is it not perhaps time to have another category to prevent things like current free collectible stickers issued with your packet of tea being classified as "Antique" ...really ? ! Perhaps a White Elephant or such ! There are some interesting bits out there that are NOT antique but there really isn't a place to list...

My other personal irritation would be that there are many e-books around, which granted have their place BUT you can't eliminate them when you search through the crazy auctions ! I like old hard copy books and have no desire fore e-books yet have to scroll through many in order to see just a few "proper" books. Is there a way that the clever bees can help you to search without e-books ? (problem is they get listed in all categories, not just under e-books)

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