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Packaging and Consolidation

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Hi All,


This is a general discussion on the idea which is at feasibility stage really. Please offer any comments that may help with the decision I wont give any specifics and if we decide on it we can post classified adverts. and make various listings.


Our company is primarily a Medical and Packaging company yet for the past three years we have helped a supplier in China who has an account here to help her with local shipping. recently I opened my own account in my personal capacity, where we buy and sell items.


As a business we are expanding this year to really push the packaging, really what we are looking for is to lower our shipping costs from China, we currently do several containers a year but primarily use air shipping.


In shipping volume is Key, We have decided to go one step further offer consolidation of shipping from China essentially getting a lower overall cost, and/or a higher frequency of shipments.


We have in the past imported 3 containers of packaging materials namely padded envelopes and boxes but when i look at the price of packaging in SA i can see that we may be able to offer packaging here on bid or buy at a better volume and more frequently and best of all a far better price,


For all the sellers out there who send regular shipments I'm sure this must interest you.


So we will have a range but id like to know what sizes people are interested in



We will do

Padded envelopes

Packaging tapes

Marking Pens

Plastic courier bags

Bubble wrap

Bubble Bags

small carton boxes (postal)

Zip lock bags

retail gift bags


This also applies to packaging that needs design services


So the other service is to join shipments with us. ie you already have a supplier in China but would like items to be delivered cheaper. or again more frequently. We also do this for a few of our medical clients .

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