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Have you seen the price of old South African silver crowns on BoB recently?

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Fellow Bobbers


When I started talking about the growing demand for PHYSICAL silver a few years ago silver crowns were being sold in bucketloads for about R80 a piece on BoB...


Here is the irony


When and before silver was at nearly US$50 per ounce a couple of years ago I was buying South African 50% silver crowns for less than R120 a piece... and I bought many hundreds... (thanks guys). I started a thread many years back here on BoB, long before "On the cusp", equating the old silver crown to the gold kruger rand as an investment piece of the future and was laughed at by some of the biggest coin collectors in South Africa.


Today I look at the price of (50% silver) South African silver crowns and the few now being offered are selling for over R200 a piece on BoB - the highest I have ever seen while the "spot" (read paper) price of silver is just over US$30. That's a 60% drop in the "official" price of PAPER silver while, at the same time, the PHYSICAL price of silver on BoB has risen by nearly 100%. If you had followed the thread "On the cusp" you would understand why this is happening. I am not going to start a new thread


The buyers of the silver crowns are, even today (IN MY VIEW), very smart....

and understand why the system of slavery today has simply morphed from the blatant role of master and serf to bank and "citizen" in a Ponsi scheme, known as FIAT money, that is so outrageous that it makes that childhood fable of the "Emperor with no clothes" seem like the proverbial fart in a thunderstorm in comparison.


My point is this


There is a growing realisation that the faith we have in "(FIAT) money*" as we know it today is a complete fallacy and when FIAT collapses to its true value of zero society will (like it already has many times in past history).. it will return to physical gold and silver which is not subject to any third party ownership.


*Look up and do your own research on FIAT Money (the money you use today) on Youtube here


My bids on BoB are becoming fewer now as I have the silver barter I require to survive in a future post FIAT, because FIAT will collapse, and because I can now afford to be more choosey. The thing that still boggles my mind is that despite the clear evidence provided on the thread "On the Cusp" it has taken so many to wake up to this reality (reflected in the current price of silver crowns for sale).


Quite simply the small supply of silver crowns is drying up - it's called supply and demand - something lost to the PAPER market.


PS With regards to the difference to PAPER and PHYSICAL ownership of silver I would make this simple observation... what numismatist would invest any money in the promise of owning a coin when the body that controls the derivative market (read the "spot" or PAPER price of commodities) openly confirms that their prices are based on a trade of one hundred of PAPER ounces of silver to just ONE ounce of the PHYSICAL metal.



Finally .. the observations and fundamentals behind the "On the cusp" thread have not changed..... I hope YOU are prepared for the collapse of FIAT "funny" money.


Kind regards


Scott Balson

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Nice to hear from you again Scott, I hope you and yours are well.


I think there are still quite a few Bobbers who are still well stocked up with Physical Silver in its various forms.

Take care


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