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LMS refund W Bateman for Griquatown silver tokens stolen

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This reference has been supplied to me in the last few days...


CWM/LMS Home Board Minutes FBN 1 (Book 8 page 166) at the School of Oriental and African Sciences - London


Minutes of the meeting of the Directors of the London Missionary Society 23/12/1816:

"W Bateman to be re-imbursed by the society for the loss sustained by him in consequence of his being robbed of a quantity of silver tokens for the use of the settlement at Griquatown"


As I am no longer active on this forum I am leaving this in the hands of the "experts" on this subject to discuss.


Knowing this subject well this piece of information completes the missing piece in the jigsaw confirming the romantic furphy of "South Africa's first indigenous currency" ... the Griquatown tokens that Hern incorrectly suggests were South Africa's "circulating currency" that "circulated" for two years.


PS Note - ONCE AGAIN no bronze Griquatown tokens referred to .... BUT the reference to the silver coins BEING TOKENS.


Any serious collector can go check the reference who's origins are clearly detailed above - the source is, in my view, impeccable.


One thing that is NOT IN DOUBT:


The Strachan and Co coins under Adam Kok's government in East Griqualand WERE South Africa's FIRST circulating indigenous currency which CIRCULATED WIDELY AMONGST ALL THE PEOPLE IN A VERY LARGE REGION FOR NEARLY SIXTY YEARS (1874 to 1932).


No Brainer!!!!!




Scott Balson

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