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Guest MacMuffin

Mail and Guardian PressOffice hacked - data leakage - no impact for bidorbuy users

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Guest MacMuffin

Dear all,


in the following days you might stumble across news that several South African websites have been compromised and data was leaked - you can read more about it here #ProjectSunRise - Africa's heart - Pastebin.com (companies such as Woolworth, Postnet and many mining companies have been affected) and possible other media.


It is quite alarming to note that consumer companies such as Woolworths and Postnet where affected and it will be up to those companies to communicate with their customers, but snapshots of data we have seen is alarming as it contains personal information such as ID-numbers, passwords and email addresses which could subsequently be used for phishing attacks or social exploits.


We also noticed that bidorbuy's pressoffice hosted with Mail&Guardian was compromised. This will only affect press releases which have been published on Mail&Guardian and no other data has been compromised. Our Mail&Guardian pressoffice is hosted with Mail&Guardian and data leaks are isolated to Mail&Guardian.


No bidorbuy data was compromised.


We are not quite sure what information has been leaked from the other companies, but we suggest that if you transact with any of the following companies and use the same passwords on bidorbuy and other websites (such as banks) we urge you to change your passwords as soon as possible.


Websites affected:


  1. africa-re.com
  2. woolworthsholdings.co.za
  3. diamondcorporation.co.za
  4. African Mining
  5. bee-network.co.za
  6. alliedti.com
  7. illovoboulevard.com
  8. genesisib.co.za
  9. omni-id.com
  10. ornico.co.za
  11. moolmans.com
  12. endiama.co.ao
  13. angolaoilfield.com
  14. Express Petroleum
  15. servicedesk.ufs.ac.za46
  16. westcol.co.za
  17. theinc.co.za
  18. sasolsdr.investoreports.com
  19. tenders.nation.co.ke
  20. www.mta.gov.dz
  21. pressoffice.mg.co.za
  22. freightforwarders.co.za
  23. digital.postnet.co.za



Update (2013-01-30 @ 14:30) - We have received the following update from Woolworths Corporate Press Office:


Woolworths position on the Investor Relations website matter


We have been made aware that our investor relations website, a site hosted by a third party service provider has been compromised, along with other companies information. We are conducting a full investigation and we have closed down the site while we do this.

This site does not contain confidential customer information. Such information is hosted elsewhere.

Please note: The affected site is woolworthsholdings.co.za

Edited by MacMuffin

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Thank you Mac, luckily none of them.

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Dang C&P web "developers" :sick:

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