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Java Security Flaw

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Not sure where to post this, so if in wrong 'spot', Admin... please 'move'.


"The Department of Homeland Security and computer security experts said on Thursday that hackers figured out how to exploit the bug in a version of Java used with Internet browsers to install malicious software on PCs. That has enabled them to commit crimes from identity theft to making an infected computer part of an ad-hoc computer network that can be used to attack websites".


Oracle Corp to fix Java security flaw shortly | Reuters


Fingers crossed AVG Business Pro (security suite) is on the ball.



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Trick is to keep everything up to date. Windows updates are important, as there are many security patches there, and always keep you anti virus up to date.


There are plenty of java exploits and hacks, but by keeping your firewall on (normal windows firewall) is very effective at stopping this, as it will kill the reverse tcp connection to the hacker.


Java 7 Applet Remote Code Execution | Metasploit Exploit Database (DB)


Also be careful of pop up windows on your browser asking permission. read the contents carefully and check the author. These are usually self signed, and you should click on "cancel" and leave that site.


This is a exploit many hackers use, you go to a site or link, get the above certificate, and if you click on run (AND IF you don't have and up to date firewall and anti virus) the hacker gains control of your system.


Java Signed Applet Social Engineering Code Execution | Metasploit Exploit Database (DB)


1. Make sure windows updates are turned on.

2. Make sure anti Virus is up to date.

3. Ensure your firewall is active.


This does not guarantee you will be safe, but it does go a long way in making sure a hacker finds your computer less desirable to get into.

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