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How condition affects value

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gabriel 1

JA Walters wrote in Philatelist December 1993


"The editorial in the SA Philatelist of April 1988, drew attention to the fact that many collectors often overlook the condition of a stamp, be it an older stamp or a more modern one. Too often one sees several copies of the same stamp all marked at the same price only to find, on closer inspection, that the condition varies from fair to good. You might well ask what governs the description of condition from poor, through fair to good and, only very occasionally, superb, and it is an age-old one that has bothered collectors for years. Everyone has his or her own ideas, especially when it comes to the value of one's own collection"


A table was included which I have copied for your use. It could be of value when you are bidding on stamps on Bid or Buy or listing material for sale. The table first appeared in a news letter of the Mashonaland society in 1971. Although there will always be exceptions the table holds true to most material.



:mad: Sorry could not enter table, as soon as I work this out I will include




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