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Jacques Kuun

TBVC Studiegroep

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Jacques Kuun

TBVC (Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, Ciskei). Also known as Homelands.


Hello all


Maybe I am spreading old news, but I just became aware that Ds Cassie Carstens and a couple of other philatelists founded the TBVC Study Group at the end of January (hope I am allowed this translation as the official name is TBVC Studiegroep).


I think we are all aware that the TBVC stamps are receiving a raw deal at present. While the printing figures were very often proportionally way too high, the technical quality right through the production process (from initial artwork to final product) was ALWAYS equal to, if not above the international norm. Think quality of design work, paper, printing, perforation, etc.


Also, in most cases, these stamps were brilliant (relevant to the country of issue) thematics.


Ds Carstens refers to these Homelands stamps as AFRICANA. I could not agree with him more.


What are the odds of a Homelands collection winning a Gold Medal at a National Exhibition? It is long overdue that these stamps should be taken more seriously.


Does anybody know of a complete Homelands COMMERCIALLY USED collection? If so, please let me know.


Ds Carstens states that they already have 25 members. This in the time when the memberships of most societies are declining rapidly, perhaps irreversibly. Something right is happening somewhere, simply by going back to the basics!


Perhaps I am speaking out of turn, but I think that this Study Group will for once and forever proof that the quality / seriousness / knowledge of a true stamp collector / philatelist has nothing to do with the size of his cheque book.


I believe that the TBVC Studiegroep deserves the support of all of us. I wish them all of the best. And I hope to become part of this brilliant venture.


The study group meets the last Saturday of every month (yes, they are clashing with my fair). Perhaps admin can help me out whether I am allowed to post details about the venue (this is a non profit making academic meeting!).






PS. Most stamp collectors who know me personally can vouch that I have very little Homelands stock. As a dealer, trading mostly in Union, Railways, and SWA Proofs, I have no vested financial interest in the Homelands stamps.

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gabriel 1

Jacques, can you send me Cassie's contact details



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