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What happenend??

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Hi All


What happenend to the topic "PUT THE FUN BACK INTO THE HOBBY"???


It would seem as though a fairly decent debate between a few members has been censored by Bid or Buy. Why?





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Hi Rusty500


It's very simple. The topic was becoming personal, threats of bombarding other sellers with questions until they left the site. The topic is about putting the fun back into the hobby, yet it's turning into a thread about forcing sellers off the site, off topic don't you think?


The fact remains, we do not tolerate such behaviour regardless of the intentions. By all means educate people but threats and confrontational behavior is not acceptable practice on this site.


Secondly fraud needs to be proved to us first before we can take action, this applies to every category. If you supply all the relevant facts, documentation and proof to substantiate the claims we can then act.


I have an example of a seller who did not know of a certain term, and as soon as the forum advised them of this, they immediately withdrew the item from the site, this is the kind of co-operation and behaviour we expect from all users. Not a "lynch mob" mentality.


Whether you feel that certain items should not be listed on the site, is your opinion, as long as the sellers are not breaking the law (and this is proven to us), they will be allowed to list their items, whether they are common items or available in large quantities. Ultimately education and co-operation will be the tools that are used. The buyer also has a responsibility to ensure they research and investigate the item before purchasing, however, if there is a willing seller and a willing buyer, it is difficult to prove that one party is at fault.


Should this behaviour continue we will take whatever steps necessary to ensure civility and decorum are maintained on the site and the forum.


You may disagree with the censoring of the forum, but at the end of the day the forum belongs to bidorbuy and we will take whatever action or steps we deem fit.


Thank you


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