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What to do with beads

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I have been to one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen in my life, the owner, a lovely Indian woman, is a beadcrafter and I wish I could begin to describe what I have seen and what can be done with beads in as elegant and as sophisticated a manner as one can think of.


The childrens rooms for instance (2 teenage girls), she used the lightest of pearl pink paint, mixed in some tiny metallic rocailles with the faintest of glitter, and washed sea sand and painted the walls with this - stunning, gorgeous! You cannot believe the effect.


Her kitchen I DIE FOR - organza and netting overlaid with strings of facetted strings of beads in pinks and gold - not kitch - just pure elegance. Table-tops she used quarter rounds to provide edgings (all beatuifully sanded smooth and painted), the inside she placed grouting, laid beautiful mosaic pictures with beads on top of this, used her baking roller to roll them into the grout, let the grout set (normal tiling grout), washed it off with a damp cloth and then placed inset glass into it. You have to see it to believe it. Her bedroom, curtains overlaid with beads, beads made into ornaments and containers.


I have asked her if I could photograph her house and will post ideas with some of my listings as soon as I have to show how beads can be used, this woman is a bead-artist, a bead-master, if one gets these.


Best of all, she has just placed a large order and has introduced a lot of her friends and family to buy from me :D So if anyone has facetted beads and chandelier drops for sale, I might be interested if you could provide at good prices.





PS - The little netting and wire butterflies I have for sale - she turns these into beaded dragonflies and I am hoping to obtain some - they are absolutely stunning~

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