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Miss Jewels

An unhappy buyer....Me!

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Miss Jewels

I queried a postage item with the BoB team and they suggested I contact the seller and cc them. I sent a nice mail to the seller but what I received was "wow".....big bold red letters.....

Shipping within 72 hours Local Kindle**The all NEW Kindle 5 Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display" -NOT Delivery - yours was sent within 2 hours! (huge red bold letters)

and more wording in sellers 2nd mail,


"i can not believethat you would stoop this low! "


My reply to this type of mail was:



I must how ever mention that the “tone” of your email isunnecessary and very much offensive. In my 27 years as being an owner ofvarious corporate companies, and representing an organization on nationallevel, I have never yet resorted to sending out a mail in huge redletters. It has never yet solved a problem and only causes one to loseclients.


My second mail read: Maybe you should read my previous mail regarding customer satisfaction? To accuse someone of “stooping so low” is absolutely noton! I suppose this shows how you treat clients who have a simplequery?



Not too sure if this is how you treat buyers, but I most certainly would never! I'm put off from purchasing from this seller for good!:sick:

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Oh dear. This seller certainly has lost a good buyer.


I am sad that Miss Jewels has had to tolerate such insolence from the seller! Miss Jewels treats her customers so well.


Perhaps this seller should be named and shamed and lose more customers! I would hate to buy something from anyone and be treated so shabbily.

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