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Kobus Hanekom

The Notebook Company

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Kobus Hanekom

To All Buyers


I try to do business with the above mentioned company but they can't deliver decent bussiness.I ordered twice product from then and each time received the wrong stuff.Each time I had to wait at least 4 days for delivery.On Friday 19 Obtober 2012 I ve ordered a Iphone 5 Black 16 GB with a new nano simcard from them.After 4 days on Monday (yesterday) I received a White Iphone5 without any nano sim card.I specified exactly what I want and also phone them as least three times.I sent it back immediately.They told me that they will sent me the right stuff.I received nothing from them neither a new waybill number or nothing else. This is a company to avoid.This is a place where not to buy anything.

I am very dissapointed with the whole lot of them.

Regards and good luck for anybody who like to do bussiness from rural area in South Africa.This is the kind of service to expect.

Kobus Hanekom

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