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The mainstream news is all Bulls***t

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Thank Go.d for the evolution of the Internet.


In the 1990s just before the big political change Anglo American and De Beers were "allowed" to move their assets to an offshore haven without financial penalty. At this time if a South African emigrated from South Africa to, say Australia, their limit in cash as part of their emigration allowance was R15,000. Billions of Rands in REAL money left South Africa when these two big mining companies moved offshore.


Yes that was when the Rand was worth something.


But since Anglo American and De Beers left South Africa's fertile shores the rand has slowly been going the way of the Zim $. It has never recovered.


Who controls these companies today? Wall Street banks.


So when the underpayed labourers said "enough is enough" guess what happened.. they got fired.


Read this extract from Zerohedge.com and be VERY scared


JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's local government workers' union said on Monday it would launch a strike over pay in the next few days, the first sign of a wave of labour unrest in Africa's biggest economy spreading from the mines into the public sector.


Since August,
close to 100,000 workers, including 75,000 in the mining sector, have downed tools in often illegal and violent protests
that look likely to hit growth this year and undermine the government's efforts to cut its budget deficit.


Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has
promised to reduce the deficit from the 4.6 percent of GDP forecast for this financial year
. Any public sector wage increase would make that more difficult.


The union is mobilising towards a national protest
, which would begin as soon as this week," South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) spokesman Tahir Sema said.


A majority of SAMWU's 190,000 members are expected to join the
strike for "market-related salaries"
which may last for one day or drag on indefinitely, Sema said.




Moody's cut South Africa's government bond rating last month, citing the government's difficulty in keeping up with economic challenges and widening strikes.




Wildcat strikes have
already shut down large parts of the mining industry
in the world's top platinum producer and a major supplier of gold, pushing prices of precious metals higher.


Xstrata is the latest victim
, with workers at its Eland platinum mine walking out on Friday.


The mine is expected to produce 176,000 ounces of platinum this year, compared with forecast production nationwide of 4.9 million ounces of the precious metal used in jewellery and vehicle catalytic converters.


Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) fired 12,000 wildcat strikers on Friday
, a high-stakes attempt by the world's top producer to squash illegal stoppages that have hit output at seven of its mines.


dismissed workers were defiant and threatened a repeat of the showdown with security forces at rival Lonmin's Marikana mine
that led to the police killing of 34 miners on August 16, the bloodiest such incident since the end of apartheid in 1994.


"Those who are dismissed will make sure that there will be no operations operating and that will cause a massacre just like at Marikana,"
said one worker representative, who asked not to be named.




strike by more than 20,000 truck drivers entered its third week on Monday
, hitting logistics companies and leading to filling stations running out of some grades of fuel. Wage talks with employers were expected to resume on Tuesday.


The main transport union, SATAWU, said it was gearing up for a one-day rail and port worker strike on October 15, which could hit exports of coal and other minerals.


Source: at this link


There is so much I could tell you but seeing On the Cusp has been closed I won't


Just be very scared and be very prepared.


PS If you are in a government pension fund be extremely scared - in Europe these funds are being stripped of their assets to help pay back debt to the wealthy banks and investors.


Kind regards


Scott Balson

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We are scared back here in SA, Scott. Very scared.


I went to do a big grocery shop this morning and found prices have jumped up considerably since about two weeks ago and the shelves are looking bare! Takes me back to the days of holidaying in Zimbabwe ...!!

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Guest Guest

Hi Jan


What On the Cusp was all about was alerting people to what is coming.


I have so much respect for you and Terry and my little ozzie feathered friend (aka Chickenman). That is the only reason I am still on here.


What has happened in other countries in recent years (eg Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Iran and even Russia in the 1980s) is all orchestrated by the "money power". What is happening now in South African mines has NOTHING to do with Zuma or your government it is a simple reflection of THEIR power over YOU.


It's all wrong


This is about the banking families who run our countries like puppets on a string. Rhodesia's Ian Smith remained resolute against the external forces until a certain Henry Kissenger (representing you know who) flew in to Salisbury. The next day Smith caved in. Google for more info. This is not about black or white this is about control at a level where your very survival accounts for nothing.


These big banking families see us as slaves or cattle (goyem), a necessary transition in this period to acquiring the global spoils. FIAT funny money and the "fractional reserve system" has (since the 1700s) been their Ponsy scheme to gain control over the masses and it has worked.


What is happening in Europe right now is an implosion of the financial system because it is a complete fraud backed up by the promise of the bankers to keep their political mates in power. Wherever colonialism has been this system prevails - ie 99% of the world.


The only assets that have no counterparty risk (read control by the bankers) are the ownership of PHYSICAL silver and gold. The biggest buyers of physical gold and silver today are the central banks - owned by the wealthy banking families.


There is one guarantee I can give you when the South African government cashes in its pension funds to pay "debts" and the starving start knocking at your door silver and gold will retain their value as FIAT (paper money) collapses.


Remember the four Gs


Groceries and Gardens (store food for survival)

Gold and silver (keep for barter)

Guns (self defence)

Gas (heating without a remote source)


When the supermarkets shelves run bare the price will have no relevance - starving people have no interest in the law....


My message is simple - if you have followed my advice don't say so (and, for the record, I know you and Terry haven't).


We are now in troubled times and (IN MY VIEW) the elite (who only want a global population of about 100 million to serve them) care not for the wider species known as h-omo sapiens.


Kind regards


Scott Balson

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Guest Guest

Being ****** over by Wall Street bankers


As a follow up... the S African Rand against the Au$ had dropped 10% in the last week. Naughty .. naughty Wall Street are wanting to punish ALL OF YOU in South Africa because the underpayed miners have had enough.


Before De Beers and Anglo American took "their assets" off shore the Rand was worth MORE than the Au$. Before UDI in Rhodesia it cost me MORE in Rands to buy ONE Zim $.


Now I can buy nearly ten Rand for just ONE Au $ - are the laid back Australians "that good"? In a word - no. Like the US here in Australia we have a welfare society. Oh and what is a Zim $ worth today? Looks at the trillion dollar note on the wall of my office...


This is what manipulation by counterparties is all about. Obey and you will be "looked after" challenge and you will be ******* over.


I have bought nearly 100 silver South African crowns in the last week.. many on BoB.


Guess why


Scott Balson

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Well, if we're the reason you're still on the forum then you have to stay, Scott!


Your "darling" feathered friend is now into breeding season and is attacking (again) any male who dares to look at him. He's now telling everyone that his name is "bloody bird" and "bloody bullsh*t" and he hasn't learnt that from me!


And you are quite right that we haven't followed your advice - the only gun we'll keep in our home is a Bebe-type thingey! lol

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