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Hi All

In one of the other topics the subject of what bid or buy allows to be sold came up.That of course is entirely at their discretion.

What I would like to open up for what should be a lively discussion,is the moral dilemma that should be faced when deciding whether to collect certain stamps or subjects on stamps.

I used the case of the three World War two leaders Hitler,Stalin and Churchill( before him Chamberlain).To take this one stage further would be to expound their beliefs namely..Nazism,Communism and Imperialism.

It should be remembered that stamps issued during the "reign" of these leaders were in many cases propaganda to back up their respective regimes.

Germany between 1933-1945 issued numerous min sheets,special covers,etc expounding the virtues of Nazism and the conquest/re conquest of certain terretories.Many of these included swastikas and other Nazi symbols,which many find offensive.

Russia in the same period churned out numerous issues with Lenin,Stalin,Gorki etc surrounded by red flags and hammer and sickles( which few people find offensive)

Britain meanwhile brought out 2 huge omnibus issues the 1935 Silver Jubilee and 1937 Coronation to remind their subjects that they were ruled by a King across the sea,who obviously lived in a big castle .( which no one finds offensive).

What one collects of course is a matter of choice.My argument is that the above all represents a period in history and as such should be seen in that context--Mainly when it was issued no one had an issue.


Because one collects a Hitler minature sheet does not mean he is anti-semetic and liable to go off killing people willy nilly.Because one has Stalin stamps does not mean he is going to wipe out the whole General staff of the army and send the intellectuals to Siberia.Because one collects Commonwealth,does not mean he wants to re-enslave the colonies and rob their natural resources.

As I said at the beginning,bid or buy has the right to reject any item they deem not suitable for sale.My only comment is that only one regime has

been singled out for exclusion,namely Nazism.


Stalins record from 1930-1953 includes

1930-1 2000000 deported to " distant "places

500,000 died or were executed

1931-33 Stalins agricultural reforms in Kazakstan caused 1,400,000 to die due to famine.At the same time 1,800,000 tons of wheat were exported to Germany

1932-33 Due to the above 4,500,000 died in the Ukraine,the countrys bread basket

1933-1937 a cleansing exercise led to a further 500,000 deportations

1937-38 The Great Terror,1,500,000 arrested,half executed the otherhalf got 10 years in Gulags

1940 320,000 Poles deported,25,000 Polish odfficers murdered at Katyn

1940-53 Further ethnic cleansing of Moldovians,Lithuanians,Armenians,

Georgians,Latvians,Finns,Estonians,Ukranians,toatal unknown,deaths unknown

In all Stalin killed 20 million,Hitler 11 million( excluding war casualties).

The fundamental difference of course is that Germanys aim was to depopulate Eastern Europe for German political and demographic


Stalins head count was largely due to mismanagement and paranoia.He never attempted to kill ethnic minorities for economic development


Lets not forget the Japanese who murdered 500,000 Chinese at Nanjing in 1937 in a show of brutality and cruelness seldom experienced.Doesnt stop people selling Japanese stamps.


And the Chinese of course,who have killed 1.2 million Tibetans since 1949,

wiped out a few civilians at Tiananmen Sq in 1989 and for all you animal lovers indiscriminenty killed 50,000 dogs after 3 people died of rabies in 2006.Yet China would appear to be a popular collecting area,with no one having any scruples about a few dead Tibetans( including our Govt it would seem).

I look forward to a lively discussion.(There are plenty of other countries)

Kind Regards


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Hi Kenny,


This topic has been discussed numerous times on the Forum. The end result is that bob will not change the policy regarding the listing of certain Hitler items and there will be no discussions entered into to change it.


What I would like to open up for what should be a lively discussion,is the moral dilemma that should be faced when deciding whether to collect certain stamps or subjects on stamps.


However good your intensions might be, this post is only going to lead to more flaming on the subject of Hitler items.


This topic is now locked.


Thank you.

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