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Miss Jewels

A possible new functionality?

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Miss Jewels

I'd like to throw a stone in the bush with the following request:

Is there any possibility that the IT guys at BoB can create an option for (a) local stock, (b) drop shipping and © international stock?


Sellers will have to click on the applicable block when creating their auctions. Buyers will then be able to see without clicking on the shipping and payment methode where some sellers are inclined to "disguise" where the stock is coming from.


Local stock should be able to be posted within 3 working days, where other stock obviously takes longer.


It would also be up to the buyer to report any possible misuse of this system should their parcel exceed 10 days or if the postage stamp is marked differently. These sellers should then be penalized by BoB in order to eliminate the "baddies" from the system so that our trading platform is an open and honest trading post.


This is merely my thoughts and any comments would be highly appreciated.

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