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Strange gramophone?

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MrA and I can remember seeing these when we were young. It is a portable, hand-turned gramophone used in the days before battery-operated ones came into being and we imagine it is of great worth to the buyer if he collects older musical equipment. Don't know if missionaries used them but they may well have played hymns to their congregations under trees in the veld in bygone days! A child's toy - possibly, but certainly would have had to be an older child who knew how to work the thing properly and change the needles.


From what I recall, one's turning of the handle controlled the speed at which the music would be played and it could (if played very fast) sound like the chipmonks or, if played slowly, it could sound like a funeral dirge. Needless to say, those old 78 rpm records easily got scratched and would "add" to the quality of the music one heard! lol

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