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Little Miss Muffet

The new bit.. In my house

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Little Miss Muffet

After that long lecture on the ratings thread here is some humour.

I am lying in the bath yeterday and my four legged daughter,as is the norm with her,sits in the bathroom.

I can see she is wondering whether I am going out or staying at home.

I always tell her "mommy is staying at home" or "Mommy must go out,you must stay with Dad"

I happened to be going out on a call so hubby feels sorry for her because she does not like me going out.He goes and fetches her a piece of meat from a pot of soup.

The next thing he goes back to fetch another piece and walks into the bathroom up to the bath and unconsciously offers it to me.

I really laughed--Well we both laughed.

So I am the new [ATTACH=CONFIG]3692[/ATTACH]Bit.. in the house

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