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Relisting is a nightmare

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Using the pick list has become a nightmare. Yes, I use the relevant dates but the problem starts when I have added all I want to the pick list and hit 'relist selected items', because the system puts in page breaks after every 25 items (yes, it reverts to 25 items even when I first sorted it by 50 items per page) and then doesn't pick up what is now on 'page 2'. So I start all over again. Tonight I relisted 37 items and when I checked on the sales page 'Items not yet open' showed as 0. So I went through the whole procedure again, only to find that now I had relisted the whole ****** lot twice. Now I have to go through the whole lot again closing the duplicate items one by one. Horrendous. I am not doing it tonight - it can wait, so please,watchdogs, don't start barking about my duplicated items.

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