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M.A.S P5-A4 (MP5) Pro Player series.

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M.A.S P5-A4 piad 1500 for it from online savers.was ganna use for airsoft but now i way too busy.specs are

rate of fire: 500 to 1000 rounds per minute.well it says that on the box and well it does sound extremely fast.

4.95 pound in weight

magazine capicity 200 rounds.

full auto or semi

full metal gear box.

340fps velocity in the manual it says lighter ammo may go 450fps+

enhanced hop up.

8.4volt batt included.

online savers told me they imported it direct from u.s.a but changed the muzzle to black.

i have put less than 600 rounds thru it.never used for airsoft.

im prepared to take 950 or nearest offer.

if you interested ill put it up as a buy now with your username.

you are welcome to view it,but sale with take place STILL though bob.

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Hi Can You Send Me A Pic Of The Weapon, And Is It Metal



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