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Acrylic diamond drop beads

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Cali Craft and Gems

Okay, it is not often that I admit defeat, but this time I've lost the battle...


I have a "secret project" that is going on hand-in-hand with one of the high schools here in town and we are desperately seeking the below bead - it is approx 25/26mm clear "diamond" drop acrylic bead. Quantity required is 160 and we need them at a brilliant price.


My usual suppliers in PE are sold out, and I've even browsed through nearly every local online shop to no avail - every other colour available except clear!


Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated! (for anyone based in PE, there is only one place I am still waiting for a reply from - perhaps if someone could go to Willow Road themselves to find out from Natalie it would be appreciated. PM me for the "secret" procedure to purchase. In CT, I'm sure I recall seeing these at Fantasia, but their website does not list their acrylic items.)





Many thanks,

Janet - CCG

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