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looking for old japanese anime called yaiba

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here's a pic of it : DVD¼v¤ù±M½æ©±-Áú¼@¡B°¸¹³¼@¡B¤j³°¼@¡B¼öªù¹q¼v¡B¼Ú¬ü¹qµø¼v¶°¡B­}¤h¥§¥d³q°Êµe¡BDiscovery¡BBBCª¾ÃÑ®w¡B¤é¼@¡B°ê¤ù¡BBDÂÅ¥ú¼v¤ù¡B¤½¼½¼v¤ùµ¥¦Xªk¼v­µ²£«~DVD½u¤WÁʪ«


It's about this guy with a sword which the power balls can be inserted .


please if anybody can help me to find it .


I think they sell it in Taiwan , but I have no access of buying it from there .


thanks a lot !!

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