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Importing certified coins with USPS International Priority [Import code required?]

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I plan on buying about 3-5 certified coins per week from a US auction, to

be delivered to a ZA postal address through USPS International Priority and

probably marked as "Collectibles" with actual $ cost as well.


From your experience, would I be notified by SAPO that I need an importers

code when the 4th package arrives at my branch?


And what customs/excise/VAT costs would I have to pay? I understand there

are no customs/excise fees with numismatic collectibles, just the 14% VAT on

the cost of the coins. Is that the case here?

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I live in the United States and have no comment on your questions but do on something else you wropte.


I would not use Priority Mail but Registered First Class. I have probably sold several hundred lots to SA buyers both on eBay and through private sales. I have had one package get "lost" in using this service and the only reason I believe it happened is because the lazy and useless postal clerk did not seal the package properly. Once I was able to find the correct packing tape, I did it myself and did not have this problem either. I never had a problem with any other packages packed properly by the clerks either.


Not only would I choose this service over any other by the USPS but also those offered by FedEx and UPS. I have had several buyers ask for FedEx and told them exactly what I am stating here. I shipped a few packages by USPS Express Mail and one of these was also "lost". Turns out that FedEx is the carrier for this service; they just charge less for it.


When I contacted both FedEx and UPS, neither would knowingly accept coins. I myself have bought oins from one dealer here in the US who sent them to me by FedEx; how he was able to do it, I did not know. FedEx rejected them when I attempted to do so directly. The USPS should have done so likewise for INternational Expresds Mail but did not.


When I ship, I also buy private insurance through Shipsurance or UPIC. I would recommend this as well.

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