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Different dies for the ZAR 1897 half crown?

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I have compared two MS62 ZAR 1897 half crowns, and I am sure that there are minute differences when looking under a magnifying glass, e.g. the thickness of the numbers "2 1/2" are definately not the same when the half crowns are compared. On the one half crown, the feet of the double L in the word "shillings" touches each other whilst the feet of the two L's do not touch on the other. The Kruger head also has got (in my humble opinion) a very weak strike and/or low definition on the one half crown, but still graded MS. This all begs the question by me as uninformed, if different dies were used (or could have been used) in the minting process of the ZAR 1897 half crowns? Or... are there excellent looking fakes around? Wish I could post some photo's. The one coin graded by PCGS and the other by NGC. Any ideas?

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