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Hi guys - a number of thoughts that might tweak the selling page and make it a little easier. Many thanks

And I am going to try your beta photo upload today - I've seen the rave reviews.

If some of these things are here already, and I am not using them - sorry - I'm a bit of a techno dunce at the best of times. Thanks Frank


1 Feedback window

As someone who likes to send a message with tracking number, change status to completed, and give feedback all at the same time it would be helpful if the feedback could come in a pop up window. That way I would not lose my place in the sales list. At the moment you have to go back to your my bid or buy and then back to the sales list. It would also be great if all sales for the same order were automatically highlighted, or we had and Apple A command to do this.


2 Basic forms

Just like you have with statuses, it would be great if we could save a series of basic messages that we send to clients regularly and just click on these to send a message. We could also have a custom message when we need to. When messaging a user, the pop up window could be blank to type a custom message in, but on the side have some buttons which we could set up with common messages - like first email, second email, final demand, payment received, tracking number, combined postage etc. It would then drop this text into the box. You would have to be able to edit these before sending as buyer's names and tracking numbers would change obviously.


3 Total value of stock

A nice little tool to have - that's listed stock with and without bids - not crucial


4 About me page

It would be great if we could have a third tab - we've got the living and payment and postage, but how about an about me tab. It would give better sellers a chance to tell buyers about themselves, their expertise, how they operate. The sharks won't use it. My page would have the following on it. A little bit about me and my 15 years of experience in silver and antique metal ware. A par about or two about how I describe conditions of items, reminding everyone that all antiques are second hand, silver may have fine scratches, that all damage noticed will be stated in the listings etc. A par or two about my approach to postage, how I pack, when i send etc. A par or two about I am a reasonable man please talk to me. Possibly even some basics about care of antique silver. It would give buyers a chance to assess sellers better, and get to know them. It would also allow your postage and payment descriptions to be a lot less wordy.


5 A group edit of listings

You can do a group closing and deleting, but not editing. Often when one goes on holiday one wants to move the closing times of listings but to do it individually for 150 listings is a bit of a pain. I just put a note in payments and in postages to say I am away and won't be able to dispatch until x date - but not everyone reads this. It would be great to be able to move listings on mass. Also would be great if there was a box at the bottom of the text of each listing we could add a note into on mass if required. e.g. Please note that with the two public holidays this week and next postage may be slower than usual - or whatever you feel the need to alert your buyers to .


6 Bobpay

Just started using this and I know buyers like this system - i do when buying - if only because I don't have to keep creating beneficiaries. And it is quicker. Still getting used to it so this is not informed feed back, but feel the payment window needs some work - not quite sure what to suggest but it would be great if you can see if you have been payed out for a payment - sort of received to bob - received to me - or a tick or something.


Thanks hope these may are constructive suggestions. - please keep up the good work

Regards Frank

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