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Secondhand PC Games

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I have a few secondhand PC Games that I want to sell on BIDORBUY but I have no clue how much these kinds of things should sell for?


The games all come in their original box with manuals, etc.


They are:

Emperor Battle for Dune

Tycoon City New York


Black & White

Red Faction II

The Elder Scrolls Adventures - Redguard

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Star Wars X-Wing Alliance

Star Wars Episode One - The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Episode One - Speed Racer

Heretic II

Civilization Call To Power


Many of these are no longer manufactured. If anyone has any idea on how much I should be asking for these please let me know.


Thanks :wink:

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Hi there, Im new to BOB, im sitting with the same problem!

Here is my list...

Mercenaries 2


Need 4 Speed Undercover


Sacred 2 Fallen Angle


Crysis Warhead 2-Disk


Kane and Lynch


Hitman 2

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