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My Feelings Exactly....

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What I hear when a Buyer starts with the 'excuses' for not completing the transaction....





(If you are going to come up with an 'excuse', try to be more original. 'The dog ate my homework'... well, 'that dog don't hunt'.)


When a SNC is filed for 'Terms Not Met' / 'Payment Not Received' and you appeal....





(Don't s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth or make up stories. Be honest.... Get off the 'pity pot' and pull up your big boy/girl panties.)


And when the SNC is final and you are found at fault, it really isn't necessary to send an email, seeing I haven't heard 'hide nor hair' from you in 14+ days, saying you won't bid on any more of my auctions and you will tell all your friends to not buy from me, 'cause the only word that comes to mind is...





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