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I'm trying to start my BoB business and I have already ordered some goods to try and sell here.


However, I have no clue on the best ways to ship locally. I know BoB allows me to create products and shipping classes, but what scares me is the physical act of shipping.. So I have some questions (assuming I will only ship locally):


1- Must I put a printed sticker on the box or envelope I'm shipping? If yes, then what details do I print on this sticker?

2- Do I need to have a printer?

3- What must I write on the box or envelope?

4- In case of an envelope, must the writing be on certain areas on the envelope itself (Or, if I must put a sticker with the details, then must this sticker be on a certain area on the envelope?)

5- Is there any reccomendations on which courier service to use? (I see many sellers using post office and DHL)


Any suggestions on the steps to follow to do a shipment are most welcome.


Thx for evey help and suggestion

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Welcome to th forum Kassem_ezz.


You can follow the links for more information.


The shipping method is mostly through the Post office. It all depends on what you sell.


Not neccessary to print labels. You can write it yourself on the parcels. It is the same method you use if you send a gift or something through the post. You need some Post office sticker with the tracking number on it.







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thx MiemJewels for the quick response.... I will go through the links you proposed...

I will post again if I missed something :bigsmile:



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