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Returned Parcels - Reship

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I had two parcels returned 'unclaimed'. Both were sent 'registered' which means the Buyer had to pick up a pen / pencil and sign their 'John Henry Hancock' on the dotted line. Both were sent tracking numbers when the items were posted (last November / December).


Would it be considered 'poor taste' and / or a violation of BoB's policies to offer to re-ship PROVIDED:


Buyer is willing to pay the postage costs to send....again.

The Buyer remits the monies I had to 'fork over' for the returned parcel (return parcel fee amount dang near the original cost to post).


And, if not against 'policy', should the Buyer decline to remit the costs to re-ship and return postage fees and then leave a less than positive rating, can that rating be reviewed and changed as the 'fault' would seem to be 'square on the doorstep' of the Buyer.


The battle with PayPal, should Buyer file a 'claim' can easily be resolved as I have proof of posting and can take a snappy of the returned item.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Ruthie, the returned parcel problem is one we all at some stage have and will have to deal with and I think everyone has their own way of handling it. We cannot hand deliver parcels most of the time and we cannot force the Buyers to go and sign/retrieve the parcel from the PO so any returned parcels should be to the Buyers account should they want it back.


I suggest you contact the Buyers informing them that their parcel was returned and it would cost xxxxx amount to return the parcel to them, if they refuse then tough for them but I guess you would have a problem on your hands should they take it further but if you have your documentation in order then they cannot win the fight.

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