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Payment to Seller mwiggins2

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I made a booboo, please help, i bought 3 Baby Blankets this afternoon and paid the moneys into BOB's Account, but here is the thing, i did not put the reference number you gave me, i totally forgot, instead i put the order numbers on the payment, the other thing is that i purchased 2 Blankets from 1 Buy Now and Another 1 from Another Buy Now but from the same seller, so instead of paying 2 payments i combined it into 1, herewith the details!


bidorbuy.co.za | Login Page

Purchased Items

thick and soft baby blanket

2 items x R45.00 R90.00

Shipping + R25.00

Total R115.00


bidorbuy.co.za | Login Page

Purchased Items

thick and soft baby blanket 1 item x R45.00 R45.00

Shipping R0

Total R45.00


The Total i paid was R160.00 and the Order Number were: Order : 4690075/Order : 4690078


Herewith the Payment Confirmation from my Bank FNB:


Dear Mandy,


Payment of R160.00 done into BOB’s Account for the 3 Baby Blankets, herewith the Confirmation of the Payment:


Thank You Kindly,




OnceOff Payment


Account Number Date Total Processed Failed Pending



Recipient Name Recipient Account Recipient Reference Pay & Clear Now Pay Amount Reference Payment Details Status



Print Download

FinishSave Recipient

Online Banking - 087 575 0000 | Client ID: 329707 | Support Number: 2323031 | Technical Reference [H-101-L 20120331152625]


First National Bank - a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. An Authorised Financial Services and Credit Provider - (NCRCP20)


Thank You Kindly,



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