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Putting together a collection of tax covers

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Hi there


I need some help on this one. How does one put together a collection of taxed covers that I've been putting away for more than 15 years. These are covers mostly taxed in South Africa but include countries from all over the world. Does one work with a specific period in mind or only from one country ? Does one include the sets of postage due stamps as well ?


I am sitting with about 17 boxes and 15 albums and there is no particular direction that has been taken by the previous owners. Also how does one approach the modern RSA taxed covers where the cover has a tax marking but there is no proof that the tax was collected in the form of postage due stamps. This is particularly common in the period since 1980

Where a readers digest coupon/mickey mouse label/ revenue stamp has been used in the place of a stamp and this has not been picked up by the post office - would this be acceptable to include in the collection ?


Would love to hear the views of other collectors/dealers. etc.





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Hi Dave

One way of approaching this mammoth task would be to show the different rates charged over the years on covers into South Africa/or internal South African mail.

Then look for different reasons for taxing ie no stamp,insufficient postage,no validity of the sending countries stamps,insufficient postage for airmail,postage due for return to sender,customs charges,package too heavy,etc

Then assemble the different tax markings,ie unpaid/more to pay etc and all the different T strikes used over the years

I would definetely combine covers and sets as South Africa has probably the most interesting array of postage dues of any country(and lots of good varieties).It is difficult to show the different printings,cylinders etc only on cover.

I would include where labels have been used and taxed and also some where tax was not collected and dont forget normal stamps used to collect tax in place of postage due stamps

For outgoing mail what I have done for GB is to try and collect a taxed cover of only one per country sent to otherwise it becomes a mishmash and what are you actually collecting?.I would imagine it would take quite a while to complete South African covers sent to France and taxed by each and every stamp issued!

Hope this is of some help



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