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New Personal Offer Function.

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I list a lot of auctions where you have to bid on one item taking the lot.

For example: Last weekend I listed 60 x Pens to be sold per pen taking the lot. The auction went well and I made personal offers to three runner-up buyers.

When the first buyer accepted the offer, the offer went through as one unit to be accepted at the low price of R1,50 in total, instead of 60 pens at a total of R1,50 each. The buyer actually expected me to deliver the whole box of pens at R1,50. This was obviously a mistake on the Bidorbuy system.

I contacted Bidorbuy and explained to them that the system changes the total amount of units in the personal offer to 1 item as a sale.


The technical department e-mailed me this morning at 06:20!!!

They added a new feature to the personal offer system. You can now give the buyer the option to take the full amount of units at the price he lost the auction at, or you can give them the option to buy less items at the price you are willing to accept. For instance, I can now give a losing bidder the oppurtunity to take only 30 pens at the personal offer price, if that is all the units that I have left.


A big thank you to the staff!!!

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