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For the Cape stamp dealers

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Hello all


We have discussed before that there are many instances where mail sent during the Anglo Boer War took only three days to travel from Occupied Pretoria to Cape Town. Via rail (obviously) and still first going through the censor’s hands. The Brits were brilliant administrators.

Now look at the cover shown. It was mailed from Gordons Bay to Pretoria and went via Malmesbury. Gordons Bay is situated about 80km (could be more, could be less) from Malmesbury. It took the cover 2 day to reach Malmesbury. Better than today. Do not forget the fact that the Cape was officially at war.

Malmesbury Post Office is situated about 2km from Malmesbury Station. It took the cover two days to travel this 2km! Did the postman ride his cape cart backwards?

The cover then took only another 5 days to reach Pretoria (roughly 1 500km up the road).

I grew up in Malmesbury and understand the mentality. Yet I surely underestimated the laid back atmosphere. Time to go back….

Keep well and regards


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