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Advertising slots to be auctioned off starting 8 March 2012

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Hi all


We are going to start with a few advertising slots to be auctioned off every week. The first two on auction will be:

- Crazy Wednesday Vertical banner space

- Snap Friday Vertical banner space


How does it work?


Taking Crazy Wednesday (CW) as an example.


The winner will have his banner displayed on the CW section. The banner will be displayed on the main CF page, the CF search pages, CF category pages including the sub category pages of CW. Your banner will appear just under the filtering options. We will help with the design of your banner and you have the choice to direct traffic to any specific item, multiple items or to your seller page....you decide.


This will be enormous exposure for your profile and products.


The banner will be displayed for a 7 day period from Thursday to Wednesday midnight. For Snap Friday banners it will be displayed from Sunday to Saturday in the SF section.


We will only allow a maximum of 5 sellers to be able to participate in the CW and SF sections at any given point in time and your banners will then be served on a rotational basis.


Seeing that we are only launching this now, you will be one of the very few to have your banners on the site.


Here is a link to some of the advertising spaces available on auction.

Crazy Wednesday

Snap Friday



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Miss Jewels

The early bird catches (in this case - caught) the worm!:blink1:

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