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Some items are really over priced....

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I have seen some sellers badly rip off consumers on bid or buy. And i think it could be some kind of scam. ( get a friend to list something at high price while you list yours slightly lower and get it sold quickly at a higher price you would have gotten ).


Here is one Example :



Second hand on bid or buy :

Samsung I780 : http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/10873477/Samsung_I780_Smart_Phone.html



New handset :

Online quote : http://www.pricecheck.co.za/offers/2792861/Samsung++i780/


I have seen this happen ALOT, iv'e even tried to point it out to the sellers, but they refuse to adjust their prices.


Is it not bid or buy's responsibility to make sure that users dont drive up the prices with these stupid auctions, i would clasify this as abuse of the system, as i am sure they are over pricing items so that they can sell another ( or their friend ) one for slightly lower. Notice that the prices of one or two items are FAR above standards, in other words the sellers know it will never sell, so they have open highway to list the same item under another usernam or get a friend to list it for cheaper.


Something needs to be done about this, is there anywhere i can report these users to ?

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Thank you for your feedback. Abuse of the system can be reported to us either by clicking on the "spot a problem" link below the description field or by emailing communitywatch@bidorbuy.co.za.


Please note, as part of safe buying on the site we always advise buyers to compare prices first before purchasing. But sellers who abuse this can be dealt with.


Thank you


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