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Online shopping to rise with prepaid cards

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We have more pre-paid and 're-loadable' Visa / Mastercards this corner of the flat map than you can 'shake a stick at'. It has made shopping a lot easier for those who do not have or do not want a bank account. More often than not, when buying online or off, the merchant doesn't know if it is a 'regular' card or a pre-paid or 're-loadable'.


Re-loadable are especially popular this side. Most of the 'major' stores offer them at check-out and you can 'load' before you leave the store. They can be used anywhere that accepts Visa/Mastercard, not just the store where you bought it. I buy these for the Grandkids and then 're-load' every month. Not a lot, but it gives them 'pocket money' and (hopefully) it teaches them to 'spend wisely'.



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Sounds good - hope it will work out!

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