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Product not as advertised: Boystoys

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Although I gave seller(Boystoys) an opportunity to explain, he chose to ignore my mail and continues to list the same item, with a product description that does not match what he is really selling.


I won the following auction:



I received this item in own box, wrapped in nothing but pamphlet paper of some Chamberlain hardware store - paid R50 for a R18 econoparcel postage, only to find the item is not 2.9M volts, but a mere 600KV. And worst still, he continues to list this item - misleading BoB bidders who are expecting this item to be 2.9M volts, not 600KV.

The model nr of device is JSJ-808. I've yet to find this model with an output rating more than 600KV.


I have written to communitywatch, who will hopefully compel the seller to rectify his listings.


I won't be dealing with this seller again. Caveat emptor

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