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wow! Its Full Hd!

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Im just so tired of sellers misleading buyers when it comes to electronic goods such as TV's and projectors. A handful of them jus write "HDTV" , "FULL HD" , "1080P" when it comes to advertising their goods, then in the description, the actual NATIVE resolution is less than 1920×1080 pixels. Anything less than this, but has a native resolution equal or more than 1024×768 , 1280×720 , 1366×768 is considered HDREADY (720p) and the words "FULL HD" shouldnt even be mentioned, but some HDREADY tv's/projector's may be able to support 1080p input signals. This does NOT mean its full hd. in addition, a real HD or Full hd projector will set you back a minimum of R7k.


I believe its the sellers responsibility to provide the buyer with the correct information about the product, yes the buyer also has to do some homework, but there is no sales person online to help you. And when you deal with less popular chinese brands, all you have is the details in the listing. We're all human and we do make mistakes but making them every Wednesday or Friday is asking for it. I know we're all here to make some $$$ but do it honestly.


There are many examples of this and you guaranteed to find them mainly on the Wednesday and Friday auctions.

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