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Seeds for Africa

Just a warning to other sellers. I have in the last week had two issues with international buyers.


The first was a sale to Mexico. The day after the buyer made the purchase they reported that the Credit Card used to make the purchase had been done so fraudulently (without their knowledge). Paypal reversed the payment and charged me $10 admin. I contacted the buyer, had no response. I then rated the buyer negative, and the buyer returned the negative rating. I then reported what had happenned to bob, who disabled the buyers account. A flurry of abusive emails followed from the buyer telling me that the bank made an error, and that she was going to pay the money the next day............. this has never happenned, and the account remains disabled (not sure why they arent blacklisted).


The second sale was to a buyer in Martinique. We cant be clearer in our confirmation email that postage can take up to 6 weeks to international destinations (especially an out of the way destination like Martinique) yet 3 weeks after buying the buyer raised a claim with Paypal. The simple facts are I can provide Paypal with proof that the parcel was mailed, however thats not enough. To the best of my knowledge sales made through bob are not covered by paypal seller protection even if you are a Paypal verified user. Having sent it via registered mail, I will do a sapo enquiry to see where it is, howeverpast experience tells me I shouldnt hold my breath with SAPO or expect them to miraculously produce proof that the buyer signed for it.


Just a heads up to other sellers!

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