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Considering selling my works, any advice?

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Hi there, I am new to the web-sales game and don't know much about selling regular items, let alone art.

I do unique sketches, mostly in monochrome using pencil and some unexpected materials which inspire me. I would like to start selling my works because I could do with the funds and the recognition and have decided that this site would be a good place to start. I do not know much about pricing, shipping and such, so any advice would be helpful.


Please leave any suggestions, advice and tips you may have as I also plan on studying industrial(product) design and can't really afford it, thus the decision to start making money off my talent:embarrest:.


Thanking you,

Zubair Moola

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Hi Zubair,


I'm not in the art game in any manner, so cannot comment on sketches specifically, but can't see that you have anything to loose.


If you browse the art forum, you will find Wild Olive Art has answered similar questions before. I don't think you can expect to get the value you want when you start on BoB, but if you don't start you will still have no sales.


So my advise is:

get your camera out and take good photos

size the sketches

find out about postage options

check out other art sales so you can get a feel for the pricing

and list and list


Unless you want to pay for enhanced options, it is only going to cost you time and a few mega bytes.


Good luck

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Hi Zubair


Welcome to the forum and, yes, I second everything mellowred has already said to you.


You can make money, and have good fun, on BoB! But a whole lot of hard work is involved, as always!

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