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Huge thanks to Solanche

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I had a buyer suddenly leave me negative feedback out the blue today, no communication beforehand. It turns out that he did not read the listing properly where it states 3-5 weeks for delivery & decided not to contact me either to query where his item is. I emailed him & asked for his banking info to do a refund as I prefer not to transact with this type of person. Suddenly the negative became a neutral, with a very nasty email, still not making it clear to me that he wanted to know where the item was - seeing as it states in the listing in big red flashing letters 3-5 weeks for delivery, I assumed he knew this. I still asked for banking info as he was very aggressive & I could already foresee problems even when he does get the item. I told him I would post him the refund if he didn't supply the info. More nasty emails, threatening me with legal action, & the rating changed back to negative.. I had already sent an email through to bidorbuy when this all started, so I forwarded his emails to them as well.. Solanche emailed me this afternoon to say that the rating has been removed.. On a Sunday nogal! :awesome: She sent a further email to both of us, so I assume he complained, & re-affirmed that the listing states 3-5 weeks.. I'm waiting to hear now what I should do as I just know he will still leave a negative once he gets the item, but at least the rating has gone from my profile!

So thank you Solanche for putting my mind at rest! I'm not used to dealing with buyers like that & it is very re-assuring to know that bidorbuy will step in to assist!

Thanks again, Kerri.

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