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Tazmanian Devil Merchandise - Wanted!!!

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Hello ...


Compliments for 2012 may this be a blessed year for everyone ;O).


I really hope that somehwere somehow my Wanted Merchandise will be found ...


I am looking for ANY Tazmanian Devil Merchandise ... doesnt matter what it is ... I will more than willing to take it off someone's hands ;O) or If you perhaps know of someone that knows someone ... :)


I am or let me rather say I am trying to be a serious Taz collector but unfortunately not that many people seems to be as crazy about him as I am and most of the merchandise are available in the UK ... I dont want to take a chance in bying from the UK and having the items shipped as I have had problems in the past and was a complete nightmare ...


Thank you for taking the time reading my pathetic sob story about Taz ... looking forward hearing from anyone who will be able to assist ;O)




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