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A "Wizard Weezle" Indeed

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I'm afraid that you are wrong in your judgement. The seller promised, if you read the below that she would send the parcel to my house. Clearly she did not so therefore I was unaware that it was sitting at my post office as I was waiting for it to arrive at my home, as the seller had promised. Please don't tell me not to question the person that handled my query as it is my right to raise questions when an injustice has been done. You do not see the harrassing emails that I have received from the seller to my personal email account, should you wish to see these like you have seen half of the story, please feel free to let me know and I will send them with pleasure.

Please send me your banking details, I will provide a full refund as promised 2 days ago. Furthermore I will send a new watch
to your address
, which will arrive next week. Kind regards, Heike

22 Dec 11:25 - from Wizard Weezle


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Hi iwanttoshop,


Please read the forum rules, posting of emails, or part of one as in this case, are not allowed, it is private correspondence between the two parties.




Please do not open anymore threads about this topic, they will be deleted without notification.


Thank you.

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