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Bank deposit not showing in my BoB account

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Hi everyone!


Can somebody please give me some guidance in terms of paying my BoB account? I have deposited the correct amount via EFT during last week, but this amount is not showing up. In the meantime, I have made two sales, both of which paid into my BoB account. I now have a positive balance in my account, but my advanced seller registration is still "pending".


This sounds jumbled, I know! Basically, I want to know the following:


1) When should the initial amount I paid via EFT show up on my balance sheet?

2) Now that I do have a positive balance, does BoB take their share immediately? Does this mean that I can now register as an advanced seller?

3) Who do I contact in terms of becoming an advanced seller?





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Hi Jasper,


bidorbuy will attempt to debit any outstanding balance on your bidorbuy account from the previous month on the 7th of each month (or the nearest working day thereafter). If your account is settled before the 5th of the month bidorbuy will not attempt to debit your credit card or bank account. Did you use your bidorbuy invoice/statement number or bidorbuy user ID when you made the payment ?


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When you apply to register as an Advanced Seller, you may have to wait several days for your status to be approved, I will ask someone to look into this for you.

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